Pro’s & Cons of the V2 E-Cig

As publisher of VaporBlogger, I take my job of reviewing electronic cigarettes seriously.  Since starting this blog, I was keen of getting my hands on V2 Cigs because I see them references all over the Web.

Anyway, I finally got around to ordering V2 Cigs starter kit and a few refills.

Nutshell V2 Cigs Review Conclusion:

It’s a good product.  There is nothing glaring that I don’t like about V2 Cigs.  It’s a smooth, robust inhale, sturdy e-cig and comes with a convenient box large enough that I could actually replace everything for storage and close the lid (kit packaging for other brands is too small).

Although V2 Cigs is a good product, it’s not my favorite e-cig.  This is my favorite brand (my review).

V2 Pros

  • Excellent flavor
  • Decent e-cigaratte quality
  • Packaging
  • Price

V2 Cons

  • Slight popping sound on the inhale.

V2 Review Specifics

The actual e-cigarette

Number of components

It’s a 2-piece that appears like a traditional cigarette.  It uses cartomizers that screw on smoothly.  The cartomizers are the filter portion of e-cig.


It’s fairly heavy which I like.  Some e-cigs are light, but I find they don’t perform as well.  V2 provides a weighty e-cig that feels sturdy and solid.

Air intake

I like that the air intake hole is located at the tip of the e-cig.  Some e-cigs have the air intake where the cartomizer attaches to the e-cig.  This is a nuisance because I constantly plug the air intake hole with my fingers.  The remainder of the time I have to be mindful of where I place my fingers … the last thing I want to do is be mindful of how I’m holding my e-cigarette.

Attachment quality

By attachment quality I’m not referring to my level of attachment to this particular e-cig.

Instead, I’m referring to how easily the cartomizer screws onto the main e-cig component.  It screws on very smoothly which to me is a sign of quality.

Pro's & Cons of the V2 E-Cig


V2 Cigs performed well.

The inhale is fast (faster than Green Smoke).  The vapor is robust (not quite as robust as South Beach Smoke).  The exhale is smooth.

There was a very slight popping sound on the inhale (which is not the case with Green Smoke, South Beach and Eversmoke … but is the case with the Safe Cig).  It wasn’t bad enough for it to tarnish the vaping experience.  However, you should know about this.


I ordered several flavors of varying strengths.  I prefer the strongest flavors (1.8% nicotine).  However, in preparing my e-cig reviews, I like to try different strengths to test the quality across the different strengths.

One of the best attributes of V2 Cigs is the flavor.  The flavors are great.  Moreover, the different flavors are quite different, which I like.  It’s always a guessing game when ordering an e-cig brand for the first time what the various flavors will taste like.


Price is extremely reasonable.  You can get the economy kit for $52 USD, which is more than enough to get started.  I recommend starting with smaller kits because you may try a few brands until you settle on your preferred brand.

You can buy a couples kit, which is a fancy way of selling 2 kits for slightly less than buying them individually.

If you know that V2 Cigs is going to be your brand, opt for the V2 Standard Kit so you get 2 e-cigs.  It’s vital having 2 e-cigs so that you can vape while the other is charging.

Charging Mechanism

The charging mechanism is standard.  The wall charger has a larger box where the prongs are located.  I call the block style of charger.  This is okay.  I prefer South Beach’s method of actually having a cord extend off the box.  This results in taking up less room on a power bar or outlet.

Charging went off without a hitch (it came charged which I always like … who wants to wait)?

It also comes with a USB charger.  I tend to use only the wall charger because I have my e-cig wall chargers permanently plugged into my dedicated e-cig power bar.


With my starter kit I received a 15% discount card for my next purchase, which I appreciated.


I rate V2 Cigs the same as Green Smoke.  Both are high quality with great flavor.

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