Invention Of Advanced Portable Herb Vapes

Over the years the popularity in new vaporizers and the best vape pens have given a big name for these medical heat generator devices which are used to vaporize marijuana. New vaporizers are always being created to better provide stronger results, quality vapor and filtration of all carcinogens. Back in 2006, new herbal vaporizer were constructed in hopes of great success of health, safety and purity, manufacturers accomplished this goal. Vaporizers for portability and on the go use were invented to better medicate individuals working or out all the time traveling. When vaporizers first came out they used power outlets and electricity and were desktop vaporizers and over time as technology advanced, the development of pen vaporizers hit the market as e-cigs became popular. It wouldn’t be for another 2 years before herbal vape pens were launched in 2008 and made headlines as the most convenient method of vaporization. These vape pens had conduction heating which is now an obsolete vaporization method. Closing in on 2012 we started to see the advancement of portable vaporizers as well as convection vaporization also known as anodized heating. Anodized heating is a vaporizer that uses the consumers inhalation to produce hot air within the chamber and to produce greater temperature. This was a cheap way to build convection vaporizers as fan-generated vaping was expensive and then the development of pen vaporizers with anodized heating was created. Anodized heating for vape pens has proven being effective and reliable heating for these devices. We will recommend a few anodized pen vaporizers to you that you may want to look into.

HipVap Vaporizer

The hipVap is a programmable temperature LED display allowing easily to reach from room temperature to 380 degrees Fahrenheit in under 60 seconds with a one-touch re-heat function and has a programmable auto-off function that provides safety ensuring it won’t stay heated on in case you forget to turn it off. The HipVap uses two 1700mAH 3.7V lithium Ion batteries which will give the user over 3 hours of continuous use. The HipVap has a temperature range temperature from 100 degrees to 430 degrees in under 60 seconds. It has two powerful batteries that give you a continuous use time of over 3 hours since it uses 3 powerful batteries. The HipVap vaporizer is the perfect portable vaporizer, its convection vaporizer heating uses oven-tech technology which doesn’t combust any of your dry herb materials.

This portable vaporizer the HipVap is a perfect example of an advanced portable vaporizer that was developed and launched toward the end of 2015 making it new vaporizer technology. When you can use this vaporizer’s technology, you’re provided with the best vaping technology to be able to use a high-class portable vaporizer like the HipVap makes this one of the best portable vaporizers to use.


Buying advanced vapor technology like the HipVap, it is important to understand the advancements in new vaporizer technology. One thing you always need to have is the convection heating, glass vapor path, OLED temperature display to switch the temperatures to a precise setting and having a very strong and durable battery that can give vaping sessions of over 3 hours of use so you can get the most out of this vaporizer.

Buying new portable vaporizers is something that will benefit you when you need a high quality portable vaporizer you could use anywhere on the go to precisely vaporizer your herbs anywhere you go with such a portable vaporizer like the HipVap/ For daily use on your herbal blends. Understand it is important to know that a good quality portable vaporizer will filter 95% of all carcinogens and increase the potency by over 85% will save you lots of money on spending less for your herbs.

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