Disposable Electronic Cigarettes vs. E-Cigarette Starter Kits

First came the electronic starter kits.  Then came disposable electronic cigarettes.

What’s best?

In a nutshell, you should only buy a disposable electronic cigarette if you’re a first-time buyer and are uncertain whether you’ll stick with using an e-cig.

Another situation may be if you’re testing different electronic cigarette brands.

And yet another scenario to go with a disposable type is when you’re traveling.  Kits are a bit bulky with the charger and cords.  Moreover, you need to make sure you have access to a power source.  Disposable e-cigarettes are fantastic for traveling because of the convenience factor.

Otherwise, you should definitely buy an electronic cigarette starter kit.

Pros of disposable e-cigs

Cheaper than a starter kit for a single purchase.

If you’re testing different brands, buying different starter kits is cheaper than kits.

If you buy a disposable e-cig and don’t like it, you’re not out all that much money … at least not nearly as much as if you buy the starter kit.


I’m all for convenience, but I won’t buy only disposable electronic cigarettes.  I use a kit.  But, if money is no object for you and you don’t want to deal with charging and buying refills, you can’t beat the convenience of buying buckets of disposable electronic cigarettes.

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes vs. E-Cigarette Starter Kits

Disposable e-cigs are ideal for traveling … even if you have a kit.  You don’t need to deal with recharging, finding power sources, etc.

Disposable e-cigs are ready-to-go out of the package.  Open and puff.

Pros of Starter Kits

Save money

In the long run if you’re a regular electronic cigarette user, kits will save you a lot of money because cartomizer refills cost much less than new disposable e-cigs.

  • Disposable e-cig 8 pack:  $74.99
  • Cartomizer refill 15 pack: $39.99

A cartomizer equals about 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes.  A disposable e-cig is about 2 packs.

  • Cost per 1 disposable e-cig:  $9.40 (about 2 packs of traditional cigarettes).
  • Cost per 2 cartomizers:  $2.67 (about 3 packs of traditional cigarettes).

Starter Kits are More Environmentally Friendly

There’s more waste to a disposable e-cig to that of a used-up cartomizer.

Convenient Re-Ordering

With cartomizers, you can join auto-ship programs with most e-cig brands (South Beach Smoke has an auto-ship plan). This way you don’t ever have to worry about ordering refills – they arrive to your door each month.

No clear answer … depends on your situation

There are definitely instances when the disposable option is best.  If your situation is one of the scenarios set out above under disposable pros, by all means order a disposable electronic cigarette.

Otherwise, in most cases a kit makes more sense primarily due to the savings.

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