Best Way To Buy A Vape Pen

Pen vaporizer sales are on the rise, this means there needs to be more demand for quality and effective produces. When you buy a pen vaporizer, there’s two things that could happen as far as technology; 1) You end up pay next to nothing for an all-in-1 cheap vape pen which will come with not-so-good quality in the metal of the atomizers which will end up combusting your herbs or other concentrates you try to use inside the atomizers; 2) You end up reading online a lot about technology and you find out the way to shop for the best cheap vape pens by purchasing vaporizers the expertise in their type of materials it can vaporizers by purchasing these one by one. An example would be buying a quality herbal pen vaporizer around $100 and you also want the wax feature, so you pay around $80 for a good quality wax pen vaporizer like the Dr. Dabber Ghost vaporizer and now you’d have a great wax pen vaporizer. When it comes to herbs, you will want to buy a vaporizer like the Atmos Orbit and expect to pay around $100 – $130 (depending which retailer you’d use). I’d recommend with going with vaporizerChief for your vaping products since they seam to have good prices that are reasonable.

When you add up the math on your purchasing experience, smart consumers end up investing a little more but actually saving a lot more in the long run which actually beats paying the prices of buying all-in-one vaporizers which don’t have matching atomizers for the heating technology needed to use each specific type of substance intended on vaping.

Heating Elements
Best Way To Buy A Vape PenThe main thing when it comes down to getting your vaporizers to work the best is the heating element. Each type of atomizer should be specic to its heating element. With a good atomizer, it is important to step in making a wie investment when it comes down to the quality. The best wax atomizers for your waxy concentrates are one with grade 2 titanium metal lined with Quartz Crystal glass. Quartz Crystal glass is the best type of glass to use, it leaves no hot spots and has no heating that makes the inside of the atomizer uneven providing the best burn for each and every single session you have for your atomizer. Herbal atomizers are called herb chambers, when it comes down to vaping the herbs, the downside for all-in-one vape pen kits is the fact that they just use one type of heating which is conduction. Conduction heating is like a car lighter heater, you put the botanical directly on top of the atomizer for you to be able to draw out the vapor. Unfortunately, for herbs, the conduction heating only vapes a side of the herbs loaded inside. It will also burn the herbs rendering vaping useless. Anodized convection heating elements are what they’re called when it comes to an herbal chamber. This is created when the user inhales and the air vortexes throughout the heating chamber from the air-ventilation. This is the best type of heating to get when you’re vaping with an herbal vape pen.

Variations Of Heating Elements
There are different types of variations to look into when it comes down to having a good vaporizer that will do the job for the specific vape pen you’re using whether it is for herbs, waxes or oils. Heating variations are the most important thing you need to look for when it comes down to owning a really high quality vape pen. A vaporizer that uses just a standard heating element which would be a conduction heating element is a useless one when you add in the fact you’re using and intending to use it for herbs. Typically all wax pen vapes are made with conduction vaporization, so the main thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the fact you have to get one with a high quality atomizer. The best quality atomizers are the ones that can do a lot, with a little. This maximizes the efficiency the wax vaporizer can produce and reduces the amount of energy needed for you to vaporize. Wax vape pens with variable voltage or even wattage settings with the battery are great ones to go with, you can control the amount of heating coming in when you have different viscosity substances to use when you’re vaping which better optimizes your experience.

Overall Vape Pen Optimization

When it comes down to it, you need to shop smart. You need to look for a specific battery power of over 900mAH or higher. If it is one to use herbs, you will need one more of over 1200mAH if you want to have at least 10 or more 5 minute vaping sessions to last you on a full charge. Getting vape pens with digital OLED screens can be very beneficial, especially if you’re new, you may want to follow guides like this online and set the specific temperatures as directed. When it comes to more advanced vaping, you will here about ohms and other metrics like wattage and voltage which we will update you with our next blog post. Until then, we expect you to at least have a bit more knowledge to make a full-fledged decision on buying a new cheap vape pen online that is a high quality device. Even though we are recommending you to buy more than one vaporizer, over the long term, it will save you tons more money, trust us one this! Happy shopping and make sure you Google VaporizerChief.Com to shop at one of the best online retail outlets.

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