Are Electronic Cigarettes Odorless?

I’m presently using Green Smoke and have tried several flavors and I can’t smell a thing from my electronic cigarette.

Are electronic cigarettes odorless?  As far as I can, yes they are.

However, does that mean I’m puffing away in coffee shops, restaurants, in the mall and in my office?

No, not yet.  I’m tempted (especially in my office); however, I think I’d freak people out.

Today I’m hanging out at one of my favorite coffee shops (my second office) and it’s a beautiful day.

I’m tempted, and I mean I’m tempted to discreetly take a puff on my e-cigarette … especially when I go to the men’s room.

It may not be too cool to just start puffing away in public, but due to the odorless nature of electronic cigarettes, I may just have to start smokin’ in the boys room with my electronic cigarette … especially when the weather is lousy.

I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t get busted.  It’s a private bathroom.  Maybe I’ll give it a shot.

I’m sure in time my electronic smoking bravado will increase.

When I ordered my first electronic cigarette, I expected there to be a slight odor.  However, I’m delighted I can’t smell anything.  I haven’t tried every e-cigarette flavor; however, the 4 flavors I’ve tried give off no odor whatsoever.  My wife confirms this and she has a good sense of smell.

The odorless nature of electronic cigarettes is yet another benefit over traditional cigarettes.  I’m looking forward to if/when electronic cigarettes are acceptable to puff indoors.