Vapor blogger is about my experience with electronic cigarettes.

I also share research resources on e-cigarettes.

And of course, I’ll share my experience with electronic cigarette brands, flavors, and equipment.

I suspect over the next few years there will be much research conducted on electronic cigarettes.  Since they’re a relatively new product, there’s not much research on them now.

About me

I grew up in a family of smokers.  It was my sister who introduced me to the e-cigarette a month ago.  After trying it, I knew I had to buy my own kit.

I started with Green Smoke for the following reasons:

  • Green Smoke reviews were largely positive.
  • I liked the look of their e-cigarettes (the traditional cigarette appearance).
  • They have plenty of flavors and nicotine density options.
  • Their customer service was excellent.
  • They ship product to Canada.
  • The Green Smoke e-cig vaporizer triggers on an inhale – therefore not requiring I push a button.

However, I hope to try other types of e-cigarettes in the future.  It’s a product I intend using for a long time so why not see what else is available?

I tried quitting smoking in my 20′s but didn’t achieve that.  I used the gum, the patch, and prescription drugs.

In recent years I stopped smoking with the gum, but conintued chewing it until my e-cig arrived in the mail.  Frankly, if I’m going to ingest nicotine, I’d rather do it with an e-cigarette than the gum.

I’m a fitness nut.  Most smokers aren’t, but I am.  That’s why I wanted to quit for years.  I run, walk, do yoga, and lift weights … all while still addicted to nicotine.

I figure working out regularly offsets any health issues nicotine ingesting may have.

Why did I start Vapor Blogger?

Smokers are a community.  Smoke breaks with other people are fun.  Smoking, as odd as it may seem, brings people together.  It’s like having beer or coffee.  It’s a communal thing.

You know people love e-smokin’ when there are forums dedicated to the subject.  I could tell my sister was really into her product.

Therefore, the idea of a blog about e-smoking was perfect.

Thanks for visiting Vapor Blogger.

See ya in the vapor smoke hole!

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