2 Piece vs. 3 Piece Electronic Cigarettes – Pros of Each Type of E-Cig

My first electronic cigarette experience was a 3-piece e-cig from a family member.  I thought it was cool, but my first 2 thoughts were:

I wish I didn’t have to push down a button before and during the inhale; and

I wish I didn’t have to carry around a bottle of vapor juice and refill the e-cig all the time.

Of course I hadn’t stumbled upon the super convenient 2-piece cartomizer style electronic cigarettes.  When I discovered this type of e-cig I was sold.

The debate rages.  What’s better … 2 piece or 3 piece electronic cigarettes?

My preference by far are 2-piece e-cigarettes.  I’ll take convenience any day of the week.

I have friends who prefer the 3 piece e-cigs.  Why?  They like the vapor hit better.  They like buying vapor juice in bulk instead of cartomizers.

And so the debate goes on.

At the end of the day it’s a personal preference.  You may want to try both to see what you prefer.

Let me help by setting out the pros of both types of electronic cigarettes.

2 Piece vs. 3 Piece Electronic Cigarettes – Pros of Each Type of E-Cig

Pros of 2-Piece E-Cigs

  • Easier to use
  • More convenient
  • More popular – more brands to choose from
  • No separate vapor juice bottle to deal with
  • More puffs per refill (with 3 piece e-cigs you have to constantly add vapor juice)

Pros of 3-Piece E-Cigs

  • Vapor refill is cheaper because you buy it bulk
  • Some brands perform better than many 2-piece e-cigarettes
  • More eco-friendly (cartomizers for 2-piece e-cigs are wasteful)

What do I prefer?

I prefer a 2-piece electronic.  That’s just me.

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